School of Fire

​Duration 1 week

The School of Fire is a life changing program for Leaders and people with a heart for ministry and revival. This one week school has been
designed to train, equip & minister to those who have a desire to go deeper with the Lord.

The week of teaching is also designed to help remove obstacles that can hinder our relationships with God and reduce our effectiveness in
fulfilling his calling on our lives.

Throughout the week you will learn to hear God's voice, know that your heart is secured in the unconditional love of the Father, be freed of
hurts & oppression and learn how to effectively minister with the Holy Spirit in the power and anointing of Jesus Christ. This school will be an oasis where the Lord can restore, renew & refresh you as you immerse yourself in the sweet presence of the Father's love and where
He can strengthen and bring revival in passion & vision to you for Himself and the call He has on your life. You will also learn the keys to be successful in long-term ministry.